Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blackie Blazer

Description : This blackie blazer will go well with mini skirts, edgy dresses, boyish boot, jean and rocky accessories. Feminine, cool, sexy, you name it. This trend will take you from work and through the weekend.

Reason of selling off : oversized for me !!

Price : RM48
Remarks : BRAND NEW come with label and tag
Material : Polyamide / Cotton + Chemical Fiber
Size : fits M-L
Length : 47cm / 19inch
Shoulder : 36cm / 14.5inch
Status : SOLD OUT

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Corset Front & Back

Description : This is when victorian meets the 80s and shazam!, are you in for a surprise! This variable design means you get the price of two for one! The front can be the back and visa-versa. Special cross over features include waist ruffles and detailed lace on the neckline and sleeves. This is so in for NOV 2009! This is definitely a must party frock!

Reason of selling off : trying to get rid with my blouses.

Price : Rm20
*worn ONLY ONCE but still in superb condition*
Remarks : super fitting cutting. suitable for petite.
Material :
Size: fits XS-S
Length : 40cm / 16inch

Puffy Lacey Denim

Description : This lovely lacy denim jacket with puffed sleeved and ruffles are just what every girl needs. Let retro back to the 80s and stay young forever. Mix with brights for your due attention or keep it simple with 80s accessories for a trendy but not tacky look. Made from superb denim material. Excellent quality I can say. ;)

Reason of selling off : Don't really wear it.

Price : RM28
*worn ONLY ONCE yet still in good condition*
Material : denim
Size :fits S-M
Length : 31cm / 12.5inch

Miss Sexy Back

-the tag of DoReMi-

Description : A high quality brand of DoReMi from fashioncastle2u eshop. This gorgeous shift dress is made of stretchable cotton and netting. The netting design is pretty with leopard print at the back. It brings a little bit of sexiness and classiness. Can be worn in the day as well as night. You can match this with legging or wear it on its own. ;) Accessorise it with subtle silvers and low-key tarnished gold. Now there is something unique!

Reason of selling off : Doesn't suit me, looks weird on me.

Price : RM55
Remarks : BRAND NEW come with label and tag
Material : stretchable cotton + netting
Size : fits S-M
Bust : 80-92cm / 32-37inch
Shoulder : 35cm / 14inch
Length : 79cm / 32inch
Status : SOLD OUT

The Bouquet Tee

-the tag of FZY-

Description : Got it from a iperfectfashion eshop. This lovely piece is FZY brand. It is made in Hong Kong, brand new and comes with tag. The large 3D chiffon embroidery flower is so lady like. Match this simple tee with a shorts, denim mini skirt and pair it with your flats. Casual yet it brings out the lady in you ;)

Reason of selling off : kinda losey on me.

Price : RM39
Remarks : BRAND NEW come with tag
Material : cotton
Size : fits M-L
Length : 63cm / 25inch
Bust : 80-84cm / 32-34inch

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shimmer Bows

Descriptions : Bought it from CELEB, Times Square at RM70.
Made of superb shimmer material with very good lining. With stretchable elastic at the back and bottom of the dress. You can bow it at the front as a strapless dress. Being a variable halter neck dress, again, you can bow it at the front or back. Play with the bows in different styles for different occasions, match it with a clutch bag, your lovely stocking and pair them with heels. This is 50s fashion for today. You will be the most gorgeous nightingale.

Reason of selling off : a little bit losey on petite me

Price : RM55
Remarks : BRAND NEW
Material : shimmer fabric
Size : fits S-L
Length : 58cm / 23inch (from pit area to the bottom, not including strap)

Vintagey Leopard Prints

Description : Got this gorgeous piece at RM80 from Eighteen Eighty at 1U. This one piece high waisted skirt and leopard print blouse comes full circle every year! Match it with a bold and thick belt will do. Wear it off shoulder for little bit of sexiness, no matter for party or dinner. It's two piece design is forgiving so every woman can KATE MOSS! It's still in a very good condition. ;))

Reason of selling off : There are too many dresses in my wardrobe.

Price : RM34
*worn only ONCE but still looked brand new*
Material : chiffon and quality thick cotton
Size : fits S-L
Length : 77cm / 30.5inch
Waist : 55cm / 22.5inch *stretchable*